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О работе

Wirex is looking for an experienced Domain Coordinator. Our new teammate will work on a disruptive fintech product that combines traditional and digital currencies in one app. So if you strive for self-realization and recognition of your expertise, join our Kyiv team of developers. Let’s change the way people think about money together!

Who we are:

We’re a FinTech company based in the UK, with an extensive R&D center in Kyiv and offices around the world (Atlanta, Toronto, Tokyo, and Singapore).

We are the first payment platform to seamlessly integrate digital and traditional currencies and to support multi-currency accounts, blockchain-powered cross-border transfers, and exchange services.

Our mission is to give everyone the power to use one single global platform for traditional financial and digital assets from anywhere in the world.

We have more than 3 mln users in 130 countries and we’re constantly expanding. It’s an exciting time to get on board!

What you’ll be doing...

— Lead Core back end team (s) — owners of card and account processing services, that work through the development road map to continuously deliver new items to production.

— Lead and improve delivery processes such as release planning, quality of product, deployment, backlog grooming, sprint planning, task creation, prioritization, and so on.

— Plan Domain team (s) routine, control, lead and update communication.

— Facilitate meetings, deliver status reports, resolve issues, drive feedback, and cultivate open communication within the team.

— Motivate team members to work together in the most efficient manner.

— Work closely with business stakeholders to keep everyone informed on the state of delivery.

— Support new tools, systems or infrastructure evaluation and implementation.

What we’re looking for..

— 3+ years of Project/Delivery Management of back end team experience. Strong technical background, understanding microservices approach, system integration, what is system architecture.

— Knowledge in the finance domain, experience with card processing projects, banking integrations, payment processing.

— Experience in managing core Agile development teams, 5+ people.

— Excellent knowledge of Agile activities: scope planning, setting priorities, cutting, etc., creating Road Map, identifying risks, grooming, refinement, tracking results, demo, retro, change management.

— Excellent understanding of team rituals: setting tasks, motivation, control, positive communication, conflicts solving, routine importance, etc.

— Proficient in process documentation and project management tracking tools — Atlassian stack.

— Experience in management of incremental software delivery.

— Ability to work independently, efficiently and effectively under time constraints and deliver results by critical deadlines.

— Strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

— Advanced/Intermediate English.

Being a member of the Wirex team means:

— Flexible office hours.

— Medical insurance and paid sick leave.

— 20 business days of paid holiday a year.

— Brand-new equipment.

— Paid state holidays and paid days on special occasions.

— Fast career development.

— PE accounting and support.

— Free parking.

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Аноним - DevOps-engineer - Киев - работал c 2020 по 2021

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Аноним - Android Developer - Киев - работал c 2020 по 2021

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Аноним - DevOps - Киев - сотрудник, c 2020

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