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О работе

Lemon.io is a full-service freelance platform that connects verified Ukrainian developers with clients across the globe.

We offer fixed hourly rates to all of our clients. What does that mean to you as a developer?

  • You don’t have to bid lower than inexperienced developers
  • No competition with outsourcing agencies and companies
  • Your assigned project is suited to match your skills and time available
  • We take care of marketing, sales, legal arrangements and payments, so you can focus on programming

Before you join our freelance community, you will pass through our screening process:

1. Live interview. We need to make sure you are good at communication. Once you start working on a gig, you will be connected directly to your client.

2. English test. Most of our clients are global. You need to be able to talk to them.

3. Technical interview. Our reputation relies on meeting clients’ expectations. We can’t afford to work with developers who are not able to prove their hard skills.

What you have

  • 3+ years of Python development experience
  • Strong knowledge of OOP and design patterns
  • Solid understanding of relational databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Spoken & Written English good enough to communicate with foreign customers

What we offer

  • Full-time and part-time projects from foreign customers in various domains (early-stage startups mostly)
  • Flexible schedule
  • No bidding, no commission deductions
  • In-time payouts in USD according to your hourly rate

You set your own hourly rate. The probability of us finding you a project with the desired rate depends on the amount of your experience, a combination of hard and soft skills and your level of English.

For reference, average rates for Senior Python developers in our community vary around $30-40 per hour.

You feel you’re a match?

Send your CV to [email protected]

Отзывы о работе в Lemon.io 6

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Аноним - Full-stack Web Developer - remote - сотрудник, c 2021

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Аноним - Front End Engineer - Remote - сотрудник, c 2020

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Anastasiia Solop - FullStack Developer - Kyiv - сотрудник, c 2021


Anastasiia Solop - FullStack Developer - Kyiv - сотрудник, c 2021

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