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LeverX Group = LeverX + Emerline

Need to have:

  • Strong Node.js development skills;
  • Knowledge of frameworks available for Node.js (such as Express, Node-RED, Device.js, Cylon.js);
  • Experience in NoSQL databases (including MongoDB) and RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of software best practices, data structures, algorithms, databases and networks;
  • Fluent English (Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or advanced);
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Degree in a related field or equivalent experience will be also considered;
  • Availability to travel on business up to 15 % of the work time.

Nice to have:

  • Experience in designing and developing of REST APIs;
  • Experience with distributed source control systems (e.g. Git, Mercurial);
  • Familiarity with message passing technology such as AMQP and ZeroMQ;
  • Experience with AWS (EC2, S3, ...), Microsoft Azure and other related cloud technologies;
  • ES6 experience;
  • Practical experience in Agile development methodologies;
  • Good communication skills.


  • Excellent working environment: the company is big enough to be reliable, yet small enough to be person-oriented;
  • Full-cycle projects and product development;
  • Training & development-focused approach: clear roadmap for training employees to sustain and enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole, internal technical meetups;
  • Collaboration with the teams from the European Union and United States both on-site and remotely;
  • Work-life balance to suit everyone.

You will:

  • Design and develop large scale web applications using Node.js;
  • Focus on backend software development and interface with third party API’s;
  • Contribute to the overall software development life-cycle including requirements gathering/analysis, design, development, release/version control, testing, deployment and support;
  • Be a part of agile-based and globally distributed team.

Project description

1. Processes management application with advanced controls system and flows execution. Provides business best practices and tools from industry experts connect plans, processes, people, projects and progress dashboards to drive breakthroughs in strategy, business processes, and innovation. Running on Kubernetes inside Google Cloud Platform. Application is intensively using Google’s Cloud Platform services for data storage, processing, application hosting and complex distributed data processing. Technologies stack: NodeJS, TypeScript, Nest.js, Express, Inversify, Mocha, bash, Redis. Good to have skills: Kubernetes, Nginx, RabbitMQ, Google Cloud Platform services, Microservices, CI/CD.

2. Application certification ecosystem improves the experience of all the participants in the certification and licensing process, utilizing automation, robust management tools, and a curated continuing education marketplace. Supports the entire certification process. Streamline workflows and improve communication amongst professionals, certifying and licensing boards, education and training providers, professional associations and employers by integrating them into a single platform. To eliminate busy work and confusion, making certification more about meaningful professional development and less about checking off boxes. Technologies stack: Sequelize ORM, Express, TypeScript, MySQL, NodeJS.

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Valeryia Miranenka - Менеджер по развитию бизнеса - Киев - сотрудник, c 2020


Valeryia Miranenka - Менеджер по развитию бизнеса - Киев - сотрудник, c 2020

Нравится, что есть много возможностей для развития своих скиллов. Много разнообразных проектов на западном рынке, что помогает не забывать английский и следить за мировыми тенденциями. Читать дальше...
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