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Про роботу

We are looking for iOS developer for HyperTrack. HyperTrack powers logistics solutions and improves fleet and delivery efficiency for global businesses. The customers build field force automation, on-demand dispatch, routing, and mileage tracking and payouts solutions.

We are looking for an iOS software engineer to help create, build, and maintain location-based applications and features deployed to millions of customers’ devices. 

- Work directly with HyperTrack customers to assist them in deploying your ready-to-use applications and being delighted by them.

- Collaborate with customer product teams who need help forking and customizing your open-sourced applications to meet their use cases.

- Work on HyperTrack’s mobile SDKs to deliver on our promise of accurate live location data with minimal battery drain, achieve smooth integrations, and help customer engineering teams with customer applications deployment to production.

This role requires outstanding communication skills, collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and a commitment to creating quality products. 

Candidates for this role are ideally based in Eastern Europe and are able to remotely collaborate across multiple time zones with HyperTrack’s platform and mobile teams in Ukraine and San Francisco. 


- Support and cultivate our product mindset culture by working directly with HyperTrack customers and product management to determine customer needs, analyze requirements, and contribute to planning and executing on our product roadmap.

- Demonstrate flexibility and leadership in handling challenges while remaining focused on the responsibility of creating a sustainable and reliable codebase.

- Design and plan backward- and forward-compatible SDK APIs to preserve existing customer experiences while planning for growth and migration.

- Design and implement performant SDK features and modules to interact with HyperTrack’s back-end platform APIs, with support for high maintainability.

- Maintain and expand our open source cross-platform wrappers that expose the SDK APIs for other platforms.

- Maintain the existing App Store and sample applications and create new ones.

- Keep our SDK documentation up to date.

Experience & Skills:

- 3+ years building applications on the iOS platform and its different versions

- Outstanding and natural ability to process requirements, identify multiple solution options, understand their complexities, and define the required scope of work to get tasks done

- Knowledge of the iOS ecosystem including Maps and Location APIs

- Experience with RESTful APIs to connect applications to backend services

- Understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

- Strong knowledge of functional programming using Swift programming language

- Most importantly: drive, energy, and motivation to succeed at delivering high quality work and delightful customer experiences

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