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О работе

ELEKS Software Engineering and Development Office is looking for Engineering Manager in all our locations and remotely.

About Project

For our customer from the Saudi Arabia we will develop an ERP system from scratch. We start with a part of software for the PoS-terminals and back office for them, which is a platform tracking operations from different PoS-terminals.

All the team will be on our side. There will be 18 people: Engineering Manager, PM, BA, UX, InfoDev, DevOps, 2 java, 2 front-end, 3 mobile, 1 DB devs, 4 QAs.


  • Lead a team of developers, business analysts, DevOps and QA engineers to successful project completion
  • Ensure process compliance in the assigned module and participate in technical discussions/reviews
  • Initiate and drive development tasks with stakeholders; coordinate work of the team members. Estimate requests for software implementation (by cost, scope of work, efficiency, etc.); make appropriate management decisions about the deadlines and the necessary resources
  • Conduct evaluation of the program code quality, formalization and algoritmization of the given tasks in accordance with the technical specification or other regulations used in the company. Make decisions about changes to the program code, modify code if necessary
  • Assign tasks to develop procedures for integration, assembly, connection to the external environment, and performance testing of the software releases
  • Initiate development of the project and technical documentation
  • Work closely with QA on troubleshooting and determining causes for defects
  • Lead the process of implementing the project based on the known input from the stakeholders and best practices
  • Analyze and agree software or its components architecture with stakeholders, assign tasks to design software, database structures
  • Plan software development process, control the execution of the software plans, make appropriate management decisions regarding plans adjustment, software modules reuse etc.
  • Coordinate release content and effort based on the service request backlog, pending service requests, third party applications and system components, or operating system updates.
  • Coordinate team dynamics to achieve the best possible outcome for the project with the given team members; mentor team members when needed; ensure everybody can contribute with their best strengths and team members compensate for each other's weaknesses
  • Work with release engineers to avoid complications coming from software code branches and code merges
  • Work closely with project manager to coordinate schedules, budgets and resource use


  • 10+ years of experience in developing (we can accept someone who has a decade of C++ or C# experience but only a year or two of Java)
  • 3+ years of hands-on solution delivery experience, leading and guiding solution assessment and delivery efforts
  • 1+ leading experience
  • Experience with Scrum/Kanban process frameworks
  • Experience of implementing architecture solutions
  • Experience with AdoptOpenJDK (experience with other JDKs acceptable, i.e. Oracle or Sun),
  • Experience with Java Servlets
  • Experience with Spring Boot
  • Experience with Gradle
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with CI/CD processes
  • Experience with Linux Ubuntu Server

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