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  • Information Security
  • SysAdmin
  • Apache
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Zabbix

Про роботу

We are looking for a System Administrator / Architect to automate the scaling of the Voice AI product and telecom infrastructure.

EVE.calls - is a boutique IT company implementing AI and NLP solutions for sales and support.


- Deep knowledge of Asterisk, EAGI, dialplan

- SIP protocol

- Linux


- Docker

- MySQL, indexes, replication

- NoSQL, Cassandra

- Apache

- Nginx

- Memcached

- Zabbix (or similar)

- Git (or similar)

- Cisco

- Bash


- Research and optimize data structure, implement data replication for horizontal scaling

- Implement automated multi-region server scaling system and version control system

- Implement version control system and deploy the system

- Implement server monitoring system

- Support servers and keep them healthy

EVE.calls provide:

- Comfortable office in the center of Kyiv.

- Competitive salary.

- Paid educational events (in English).

- Flexible hours.

- Paid vacations and sick leaves.

Join our team!

About us:

  • Our company: We are a boutique IT company implementing AI and NLP solutions into the business communications of our partners all around the world.
  • Our mission is «Let the robots do routine work, so humans can focus on things that matter».
  • Our product: Eve is a virtual AI-based voice assistant for businesses, developed by Ukrainian AI and voice tech expert Alex Skripka. She is powered by proprietary decision-making patterns and endued with speech recognition abilities, alongside text-to-speech technologies. Eve is capable of voice interaction and substituting the call centers to communicate the customers' audience in a humanlike manner. She is dab-handed to simultaneously serve more than ten thousand calls per hour.
  • Our Goal: By 2025, to implement Eve with AI patterns in 1200 huge companies, increasing the profitability of sales departments and the quality of customer services.
  • Our clients: EVE.calls successfully partners with more than 750 clients all around the world, including the giants like KYIVSTAR, MTC, ITE GROUP, ORIFLAME, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO.
  • Our awards: EVE.calls prevailed as the best startup: Seedstars CEE Winner in 2017 and Seedstars World Finalist in 2018.

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