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  • Нетехнические
  • Artist 2D / 3D
  • Designer UI / UX

О работе

Thundersoft Ukraine is looking for Senior UI Designer to join our development Team in Kyiv, Ukraine. Thundersoft Ukraine is a good place to continue your professional growth in automotive area. It is a great opportunity to work with the most esteemed automotive brands in the world.


Provide attractive overall visual style and UI design for automotive industry customers;

Participate in the discussion of the project plan, deeply understand the user's characteristics, analyze the core needs of the user, and give a reasonable design plan;

Independently complete the design plan and relevant details, be able to communicate design needs with customers, and be able to clearly explain the design plan to customer executives;

Assist to promote the implementation of the update of the design specification, cooperate with the product and software development team, and continue to optimize the user experience of the product


Bachelor degree or above; with more than 4 years of relevant work experience;

With 4 years or more of visual design experience, automotive-related design experience is preferred, complete product UX/UI design experience, familiar with the interaction between products and software tools and applications, and product thinking;

Familiar with design related software such as

Photoshop, Sketch, Axure, illustrator, AE, 3D design software;

Excellent communication and customer management skills, be able to quickly and accurately understand customer needs, and have excellent cross-department communication and cooperation capabilities;

Be creative and passionate, have good anti-stress ability, and have a good team spirit;

Good English reading and writing, and can communicate in English at work.

We propose:

Flexible schedule (8-hours working day);

Comfortable office space located in the city center

Great prospects of self-development, challengeable position, big room of promotion;

Medical insurance.

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