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О работе

At AgileEngine, you’re free to build your own team of A-players and choose out of 70+ available projects the one you’d like to work on. Join the squad of software experts who make a difference through off-the-wall solutions.

About our projects

Our React Native team has collaborated with a company that offers an online sports gaming platform. We’ve worked on mobile and backend development based on the client’s requirements and the existing design. Specifically, we created a data-driven application using React Native, Objective-C, Swift, and Firebase.

The other project is dedicated to making home management easy as pie. We’ve focused on the development of the client’s flagship mobile app for iOS and Android. We’ve expanded the functionality of the app by adding camera support along with building a slew of new UI components using both React Native and true native stack.

With us, you can

Build your dream team and try yourself in different roles

Pick a project you want to work on

Get premium compensation for the right skills

Enjoy flexibility by operating remotely or onsite in one of our R&D centers in Odesa, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Kyiv and Lviv

Shape your success journey through a personalized growth roadmap tailored to your interests and goals

Embrace agility — forget about micromanagement and old-school hierarchies

We are looking for a leader who has

4+ years of experience in software development

Experience working in a cross-functional team

Upper-Intermediate English level

Solution-focused thinking and an ownership mindset

Positive and open-minded style of communication

Elevated self-awareness and a desire to share your expertise

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Розвиток та крута команда

Аноним - Lead Marketing Manager - Lviv - сотрудник, c 2021


Аноним - Lead Marketing Manager - Lviv - сотрудник, c 2021

Долучилася до команди AgileEngine на початку 2021 року і за цей час круто прокачала хард скіли, отримала шанс розвивати новий напрям роботи в компанії та працюю із командою крутих професіоналів. Читать дальше...
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