Ukrany 0 — 5-10 років досвіду EN Upper-Intermediate Remote $3 000 - $4 600
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  • E-commerce
  • Back-End
  • PHP
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • GraphQL
  • PhpUnit
  • MariaDB
  • RESTful API

Про роботу


·       5+ years of experience with PHP

·       English: upper-intermediate (B2) minimum

·       Salary: $4000-$6000 gross


Our current stack:

·       Apps: PHP 7, NodeJS / Typescript, Go

·       APIs: GraphQL and REST APIs

·       Frontend: React, Redux

·       Databases: MariaDB / MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis

·       Platform: AWS, Digital Ocean, Docker

·       Build Deploy Pipeline: Gitlab CI, Jenkins

·       Monitoring/Debugging: Grafana,


Job description:

We are looking for a senior/expert level Backend Engineer to join our team responsible for a high-performance GraphQL API (we are a SaaS product company).

The main application you will be working on is a scalable, high-performance API for supporting large-scale e-commerce websites (thousands of API calls per second). The API has features e.g., product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout. It is a rewrite of functionality in an existing application, which the same team is maintaining and migrating the functionality piece by piece. The old application has grown organically with changing requirements, and we have decided to rewrite the API functionality from the ground up, with a changed architecture. We are implementing the main business logic as a GraphQL API written in PHP 8 on top of a MariaDB database. We use ElasticSearch and Redis and a lot of caching to produce an API that is very performant and hard to kill. We will generate events using change data capture with Debezium and feed those through Kafka. On top of this, we are implementing a caching proxy as a Cloudflare Worker using TypeScript.

We work according to Scrum and our teams are self-organizing, meaning the teams themselves decide on what tech stack to use for a particular project and how to best deliver. We are all very ambitious and love to learn, and we hope you do too. We spend a lot of time coaching each other, pair programming, and sharing knowledge.

We look for:

·       Someone ambitious. We are all ambitious and our goal is to build a world-class product

·       Good understanding of modern PHP 7/8 and modern programming in general

·       Passion for writing beautiful, minimalistic code that is easy to understand and maintain

·       Passion for performance and optimization. You need to understand how indexes work in SQL, how to create efficient queries, and how to profile and debug your application

·       Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills in general

·       Team spirit and a good eye for details (useful for code reviews!)


Company description:

We’ve developed a B2B/B2C SaaS e-commerce platform for brands. In other words, we make software used for selling products, both wholesale and directly to consumers. The aim is to be the very best in the world. We are already working with some very strong brands and we are growing rapidly.


Social Package:

·       21 days of paid vacation per year (you start with 0 and it adds up each month)

·       5 sick leaves without a medical certificate

·       14 days of sick leaves (when there is a medical certificate)

·       Medical insurance

·       Salary review once per year


Relocation package:

- 2k euro for fly tickets

- 1-month free accommodation

- help with all topics related to visa/blue card

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