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О работе

We are an engineering company, which develops Robotic Prostheses.

We are in Kyiv now, but the main market is the USA. We have a great product, cool users, clinic-partners, strong team, but still have no PR activity.

To become more open, increase awareness, and build a brand image, we are looking for a PR Manager (PR Manager/Marketeer/CMO) with similar experience (start-ups, crowdfunding campaigns, Tech-media, etc.).


·       Create a marketing strategy and plan all PR-marketing activity

·       Create content for press releases, byline articles, social media

·       Seeking high-level placements for publications in online media, blogs ( tech-, medical direction)

·       Create a database of journalists, bloggers, influencers interested in our technologies.

·       Direct contact and communication with all related people & organizations.

·       Communicate with online tech media (tech-, medical direction)

·       Coordinate all PR-activities ( conferences, tech events, product presentations)

·       Coordinate Social Media accounts ( FB, Ld, TikTok, Instagram).

·       Write articles, latest company news, progress in work, and share this information through different media channels. 

·       Build relationships with opinion leaders to grow industry awareness

·       Maintain a keen understanding of industry trends affecting users and potential partners and make appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy and implement them


·       Working experience with public and tech-media (the USA)

·       Publications in international media (TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge etc. )

·       Experience in creating a database of media, finding contacts, communicating with journalists

·       Excellent skills in Google/LinkedIn/Facebook search

·       Exceptional English writing and editing skills

·       Experience with social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok

·       Living, studying, work experience, in the USA will be a PLUS!

·       Working with tech or product startups is a match.


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