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Про роботу

About us:

Upland is a Silicon Valley based company. What are we doing? Upland is a new property trading game, powered by blockchain technology. A fun mix of tycoon and monopoly game flavored with cutting edge blockchain technology and adapted to mass markets.

You’re the person we’re looking for if you:

— love JavaScript and are able to write beautiful and correct code in ES6;

— have worked with modern web frameworks. You not only tried to use Node.js, but also looked into its source code out of interest;

— familiar with modern assembly tools. You can imagine how webpack or gulp work;

— know how to work in a team. You know (or at least guess) why scrum and agile are needed, how to use git-flow and why you need code reviews;

— have good enough English for reading technical documentation.

— able to work from office in Mykolaiv

We provide our team with:

— modern and comfortable office facilities;

— relocation program;

— competitive salary, paid vacation, sick leaves;

— tax coverage, bookkeeping;

— massage and gym;

— seminars, advanced training for employees paid by the company.

Some words about the projects you’ll work on:

— You will work with cutting edge technologies: Node.js, PostgreSQL, EOS blockchain.

— Geeky teammates will help you with all the above and won’t troll you if you’ll block the event loop

— It would be fun. We are building the game — games are always fun!

— It will be a stable and long-lasting experience — we are fully funded and ready to conquer the world!

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