Sigma Software 0 — Без опыта EN Не обязательный Львов, Remote
  • Remote
  • DevOps / UnixAdmin
  • Aws
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Bash
  • GCP

О работе

Are you a motivated DevOps Engineer who wants to become a part of a dynamic team in DevOps community? Do you want to challenge yourself by working with new tools? Are you eager to work with various projects and technologies? Then apply for this vacancy.

In this role, you will help automate and streamline our deployment operations and processes as well as build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations. You are supposed to be a great troubleshooter – to resolve issues in our development, testing, and production environments.


Projects and customers are quite versatile: from huge enterprises to startups. All projects have CI/CD practices, unit and integration tests, code review, and git flow in place.


Take part in environment/architecture planning

Automate CI/CD and other processes on a project

Optimize the existing environments/structure

Design operational playbooks and policies supporting organizational security posture

Support our development for existing environments

Consult development team on infrastructure related questions


4 years’ experience working with Linux

Experience with Bash, Python

Experience with CI/CD tools (TeamCity, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc)

2+ years’ experience working with Cloud providers (AWS, DO, GCE)

Experience with DB (MySQL, PostgreSQL), no-SQL DB (Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra)

Experience with Good knowledges and understanding in area of web- and app- technology/servers (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat)

Experience with VMware and related tools like vRealize, VMotion, etc.

On-hands experience with PHP/JS/Java application deployment procedures (Laravel, WordPress)

Deep understanding of Docker concepts and Docker/docker-compose usage

Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence) advanced user

Upper-Intermediate level of English

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