NIX 0 — 1-3 роки досвіду EN Upper-Intermediate Remote
  • Нетехнічні
  • Remote
  • Продукт
  • Product / Project manager

Про роботу

We’re looking for the best project managers to join our team. Together we’ll unleash your potential and turn it into your superpowers. We collaborate with world-class companies, so we need your professional skills, your unique perspective, your time, and your will to contribute. 

Our customers are leaders of software development in domains such as healthcare, consulting services, global manufacturing of personal computers, consumer electronics and business solutions. The wide variety of our projects is impressive to say the least. Among the technology stacks we use are: Java, Kubernetes, Cloud provides, Node.JS, Angular, Python, GO, C#, and many others. We’ll challenge you to grow as a specialist and make you proud of being part of our success.


  • be proud of what you’re doing; 
  • 2+ years of IT Project manager experience
  • сollaborate with top range companies;
  • become attached to your customer like best friends;
  • bring value and see your real impact on products;
  • foster challenging projects and manage teams with dozens of people;
  • comprehend the secrets of working with teams in India, Japan, and China;
  • follow true and not “so called” Scrum/Kanban framework practises;
  • have your unique voice heard;
  • truly contribute to processes optimization;
  • improve your professional skills and share knowledge with your brilliant teammates;
  • get opportunity to preach your team as a mentor/speaker; 
  • get you out of your comfort zone and enjoy discomfort.


  • our trust in you and prospects for your professional growth side-by-side with our inspiring team of top-notch experts;
  • our experience obtained during 27 years in the industry;
  • involvement with big and famous corporations all over the world;
  • large-scale projects, top-notch customers, cross-functional team rosters;
  • stability and confidence (we strive for long-term relationships);
  • personal development plan with fair, and regular feedback to make you the best you can be;
  • medical support, English courses with native speakers, and accounting support programs;


  • support for your ideas – we are open to new initiatives, just come and share them;
  • transparent onboarding process with a step-by-step development plan;
  • mentor support on any matter — we won’t leave you to the mercy of fate;
  • active involvement in commercial projects as soon as you’re ready;
  • ability to pass your internship with flying colors within a shorter period of time. 


  • put yourself in the customers’ shoes;
  • lead, motivate, empower—“hug” your team;
  • invest yourself in a common cause;
  • ensure you become a better version of yourself on a daily basis.


  • fluent English;
  • positive attitude, conscious pursuit in helping people, practical empathy; 
  • ability to soak up information like a sea cucumber;
  • stress-resistance, perseverance, and determination; 
  • proven ability to solve problems and not create them.

We are your cherry on top. Don’t hesitate and send your CV to [email protected], fill in the online application, or call us. 

Do it today and have your online interview scheduled. See you soon! 

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