Readdle 0 — 1-3 роки досвіду EN Upper-Intermediate Одеса, Київ, Remote
  • Startup
  • iOS / MacOS
  • Objective C
  • Swift

Про роботу

The philosophy of Calendars is to solve the people’s core problem — the time organization, which will not lose its actuality in the foreseen future. With every feature or change, we want to make our customers more organized and successful. That dedication allows us to keep the leading position in the category for almost a decade and keep millions of people interested and happy.

More than 20 million people who downloaded the app are setting a high bar for the level of ownership and responsibility, as every change will have a huge potential and risk. Our app is being used across the world by students, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers, and doctors to name a few.

Now we are working on a critically important page in Calendars history, which is why we decided to empower our engineering capacity. Product engineer is one of the key roles in a product team. As part of the engineering team, you will maintain and evolve the product’s codebase according to the customer’s needs and business requirements.

What you will do:

  • Write Code. Including core product business logic, UI for target platforms, and environmental tools (like scripts, editors, parsers which are needed for efficient contribution to the product codebase)
  • Analyze requirements
  • Define the solution specifics
  • Write automatic tests
  • Contribute to the team’s meetings (Daily Standup, Grooming Sessions, Design Reviews, Weekly Team Sync, Retrospectives, and Sprint Plannings)
  • Share knowledge with team and company
  • Analyzing, understanding, and communicating the security and privacy risks
  • Challenge existing processes, highlight problems, and propose improvements

About you:

  • Practical proficiency in writing code in Swift for iOS platform (Good understanding of language, performance optimization, memory management, etc.)
  • iOS/iPadOS Platform Proficiency (Knowledge of development tools and frameworks e.g. in-app purchases, subscriptions. Understanding of localization problems and how to solve them with Xcode tools)
  • Analytical mindset (It is expected from product engineers to analyze task requirements, notice the gaps, uncertainties and build a comprehensive set of requirements in collaboration with the product team)
  • Experience with Objective C (codebase is a mix of Swift and ObjC (30/70). Each product engineer will need to fix some issues in both languages from time to time)
  • Database proficiency (​​We are extensively using low-level access to SQLite to work with user’s data. You should be ready to make additions to databases, write migration processes and analyze issues with requests)

What you will get:

  • Customer-centric culture. We put our customers first. It means that every employee can benefit from interacting with our customers directly. It enables us to create and deliver the best solutions for millions of our users
  • Professional growth. We are professionals at everything we do. It means we own our decisions, our work, and our results. We provide quality feedback to others and welcome feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve
  • A team of amazing people. The greatest power we have is the team. It means we care about each other, ensure transparency, and invest in everyone’s success
  • Impact on our products. We aim to create valuable products. It means that we improve ourselves constantly by overcoming constraints, simplifying our processes, and improving our capacity
  • Innovative culture. We try to be innovative and creative in everything we do. It means that we expect, appreciate and value new ideas

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