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О работе

Development from scratch of a web application - a modern real estate auction.

The development and deployment will use modern approaches, technologies, and tools, namely:

*Сloud serverless architecture in AWS;

*Python as backend (SOA);

*React as a frontend.

New Brand product, online real estate auction.Main stack: AWS, Python, React.


- 3+ years of experience;

- JS, HTML, CSS (adaptive layout);

- Deployment of applications from scratch;

- Experience in the formation of implementation;

- English at the Intermediate level.


- Developing Web Application Architecture, and moving a project towards release together with the team;

- Code review;

- API integration;

- Implementation of functionality requested by the client (business logic);

- Keeping technical documentation up to date.

General direction:

- Frontend/React (S3, CloudFront);

- Backend (SOA FastAPI/Python);

- Services are hosted in ECS/Fargate and/or Lambda;

- Access to services via LB/API Getway;

- SQL;

- DynamoDB (for data storage).


- Hierarchy of users: agency, broker, visitor;

- Branded/custom interface (the agency will be able to brand its "website" on this platform, up to its domain name);

- Auction, rates and everything connected with it.

What we offer:

- Competitive salary based on experience and skills;

- Flexible working hours; 

- Ability to work remotely or from abroad  *(3d form of “FOP” is a prerequisite);

- Financial support during war-induced relocation;

- All the needed equipment & help with Home-office setup (if you prefer -working from home);

- 20 days of vacation, respecting UA holidays; 

- Medical insurance  + Unlimited sick leaves  (no need to provide a certificate);

- Maternity & Paternity leave programs;

- Paid sabbatical after five years in the company;  

- Compensation for professional development courses (beyond just English classes of your choice), books, participation in workshops, and conferences locally and abroad; 

- Lawyer, accountant, and negotiation expert for both work and personal occasions;  

- Public speaking coach, and designer at your disposal if you want to present at events or publish;

- Maintaining a job and salary if you decide to defend your homeland!


1. 15 - 45 min: Pre-screen with GreenM recruiter to discuss the position, learn more about your experiences, clarify your questions, and check if our offering matches your requirements (Phone/Zoom/Telegram).

2. 1- 1:20 h: Interview with GreenM Tech team (Zoom)

The team is made up of colleagues and friends who share the same values and passion for what they are doing. We invite new teammates who have a similar mindset and professional views.

About GreenM

Who are GreenM? Founded in 2014, we have been working in the big data field since. We integrate, engineer and visualize healthcare data. We help customers solve problems related to data management, API development, advanced analytics and cloud development.

We have also developed work frameworks, according to our in-house methodology, so that the new employees start in projects easily.

We don't have a pipeline for the same types of tasks, each challenge is unique. Our developers work with a modern stack, constantly implementing new things. Due to vast experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of our clients' businesses, choose and build the best solutions. Additionally, we try to work without unnecessary bureaucracy.

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