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    Here, at SoftServe, we are ready to offer you an exciting project which owns an application that provides a web interface that allows IT administrators to monitor availability, inventory/configuration, performance, and events of network devices. Through a single, Web-based console, it, enables users to manage the status and health of their infrastructure.


    A holder of the following competencies

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent relevant experience
    • 2+ years of professional hands-on expertise with Cloud production environments hosted on GCP using BigTable, BigQuery, Dataflow, GKE, and other GCP services
    • CI/CD tools like Spinnaker and Jenkins and cloud-based software development and delivery processes/methodologies
    • Strong programming and scripting skills and demonstrated ability to automate tasks
    • Profound understanding of networking, firewalls, load balancers, and databases
    • Project and task-orientation with a focus on details and an ability to proactively communicate detailed status to customer and project team
    • Skilled organization and an ability to work both within a team and independently
    • Ability to make sound decisions based on customer needs and technical knowledge
    • Self-motivated attitude and ability to work under pressure to deliver high-quality solutions
    • Capability of working outside business hours including weekends and night when required
    • Bright verbal and written communication skills


    • Developing, Deploying, operating, and supporting cloud infrastructure primarily utilizing GCP
    • development, operations, and support personnel to identify, isolate, diagnose issues, handle support escalations, plan and deliver high-value monitoring and alerting features
    • Reviewing of technical designs/information, automating processes through scripting, installation, and configuration of software, and validation of technical environments
    • Ongoing maintenance, security, and availability of several applications based on business requirements and adhering to tight operations, security, and procedural models
    • Ensuring production level systems are running at all times and having multiple levels of redundancy to meet committed SLAs
    • Applying professional-level technical skill and judgement to provide non-routine technical support for production operations to drive optimal performance, reliability, redundancy, and scale
    • Documenting environment topology and installation details along with incident reviews
    • Automation of tasks using scripting and configuration management systems
    • Communicating highly technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel customers to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
    • Troubleshooting network performance issues, performing intrusion monitoring, and maintaining disaster recovery procedures
    • Planning for, and recommending, expansion of capacity and upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment when necessary
    • Participation in the development of information technology and infrastructure projects
    • Documenting the application architecture and system configuration across platforms
    • Determining the root cause of an outage, duration, and recommendations or steps to resolve issues


    Work on the project where the power of the application starts with its in-depth Inventory and IT Configuration Database. It creates this database by discovering, the level of resource components (interfaces, services and processes, and installed software).

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