Nordcurrent 0 — Без досвіду EN Intermediate Вільнюс
  • Remote
  • Релокація
  • Gamedev
  • Junior Friendly
  • QA / QC

Про роботу

About the job:

You will join the biggest Lithuanian gaming studio - a team of 250 people passionate about creating world-class games. And you will start with... That’s right - testing games! You will identify and describe issues in the games and solve them by communicating with development teams. Further on, you will create testing scenarios, automate testing, improve it to make the whole process of quality assurance more efficient and reliable.

Are you ready?

  • If you are acquainted with testing methodologies you are already 30 % fit for the job. Not sure? Read our QA Testing Fundamentals and get it! 
  • If, while playing video games, you are attentive to detail and notice one or few issues, you fit 25% more!
  • If you value consistency in life, hate clutter, are overall pedantic you fit for another 20%.
  • If you communicate freely in both written and spoken English - you get the remaining 25%!

Why Nordcurrent:

  • We create world-class games that millions love;
  • We care about keeping our environment stress-free to support creativity and quality;
  • We meet in our game hall at weekly Friday breakfasts, monthly Friday night get-togethers, or just a cup of coffee or some fresh fruit;
  • We take time to relax by playing foosball or table tennis, browsing our library, or even enjoying more video games

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