Global Staff 0 — 5-10 років досвіду EN Advanced Remote $5 000 - $6 000
  • Вказана зарплата
  • iOS / MacOS
  • JS
  • React Native
  • Agile
  • Ios
  • Swift
  • UI-UX Design

Про роботу

Remote,  Full   time 





The   local   distributor   that   makes   growing   your   business   easy. 


Thousands   of   restaurants   in   San   Francisco   and   the   Bay   Area  rely   on   Cheetah   to   power   their   businesses  with   food   supplies.


Mobile  Engineers  in  Cheetah  are  passionate  about  solving  interesting  and  tough  problems  using  cutting  edge  technology.  


 Our   iOS   team   is   looking   for   top-notch   engineers  that   share   the   same   passion. 


Company   offers.


 On-boarding Benefits: 


1. Private Entrepreneur free   registration   in   front   of   the  authorities  

2. Migration   to   Kyiv   support 

3. First   working   day   present  Weekly 




1.   Monday   &   Wednesday:  


- Free   Yoga   lessons   at   noon   at   the  office  


2. Tuesday:   


- Fruits   supply   to   each   room

- Two   personal   English   lessons   with   an   English   native  speaker   teacher   (‘Yappi’   English   school).

- Happy   hour   (Pizza,  Sushi,  Fruits,  cake,  drinks,  BBQ..)  


Monthly   Benefits: 


1. Group   activity   upon   monthly   owner's   visit   from   abroad   (group   event,  dinner, lunches…) 


2.   Accounting:  


- Full   accounting   support   for   PE   monthly   invoices,  payments   and   reports.  

- We   are   paying   the   PE's   monthly   Taxes   (5%)   and   monthly   PE   commission. 

- Monthly   payments   are   supplied   in   USD 


 3. Participating   in   charity   projects   for   the   community. 


 4.   Insurance   health   package   (‘Kniazha’   insurance   company,  premium   package).  Any   employee   on   his/ her   expense   can   add first level   relatives   to   this   strong  package. 



Quarterly   Benefits:  


1. Full   accounting   support   for   PE   quarter   summary   reports.  

2. Team   building   event   (Sea,  volleyball,  kayaks,  karting,  food,  beers...)  


Yearly   Benefits:

1. New   year   party  

2. Summer   party 

3. Full   accounting   support   for   PE   annual   summary   reports.  

4. At   least   18   vacation   days   and   5   sick   days  

5. Employee   evaluation   process:   personal   written   feedback   once   a   year.  

6. Anniversary   present 

7. Birthday   present 





What   you’ll   do   as   an   iOS   Engineer:


- Build   and   re-design   our   native   iOS   application

- Deliver   a   great   mobile   user   experience   that   is   superfast   for   end   users

- Design   and   review   code,  troubleshoot,  and   act   as   a   mentor   to   team   members   on   technical matters

- Continuously   discover,  evaluate,  and   implement   new   technologies   to   maximize   development efficiency 

- Test   code   for   robustness,  including   edge   cases,  usability,  and   general   reliability Technical   must   experience 

- 3+   years   of   experience   in   iOS   development 

- Excellent   understanding   of   the   full   mobile   development   life   cycle.   



Working   knowledge   of   the general   mobile   landscape,  architectures,  trends,  and   emerging   technologies:


- Expert   in   Swift   development,  and   various   iOS   frameworks 

- Self-directed,  independent   and   has   proven   experience   owning   complete   features/ products 

- Excellent   ability   to   get   stuff   done 

- Good   understanding   of   user   experience   design   and   development   on   iOS   and   mobile   devices

- Excellent   problem-solving   skills   and   a   real   passion   for   mobile   application   development

- Knowledge   of   Agile   principles

- Results   driven,  fast   learner   and   most   important   -   a   team   player 



Technical   advantage   experience:


 - Startups   or   Mobile   companies   experience   -   a   significant   advantage! 

- Experience   with   data   collecting   and   analyzing   -   advantage  

- B.SC   in   Computer   Science,  or   equivalent   –   Advantage

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