iOS Developer Referral fee — $1 000
Reface 0 — Без опыта EN Не обязательный Киев $4 000 - $6 000
  • Продукт
  • Есть медстраховка
  • Бонус за рекомендацию
  • Startup
  • Указана зарплата
  • PR&Marketing
  • iOS / MacOS
  • UIKit

О работе

Reface is hiring iOS Developers

Work with the Reface app’s product team on unique features that allow hundreds of millions of people to create and share personalized content

⚙️ Stack:

• Swift


• RxSwift/Combine


• SnapKit

• Fastlane


• We work in feature teams. We have about 30 mobile engineers divided into a few feature teams. We want our teams to stay nimble, so there are no more than 2-3 devs per platform in one team

• Seniority level of the team is Middle+ &Senior, but we prefer not to use titles at all

• We cover critical logic with Unit tests. There’s no need to ask a manager about it

• We use working processes. There are no scrum masters. The team decides how to work and what technologies to choose

• We dedicate one week to deal with tech debt and refactor a little every six weeksYou set the tasks and goals (not other departments)

• No micromanagement, we have no time or desire for this

• Unlimited vacation time. We trust each other

• We lean more towards office work and live collaboration. But it’s totally fine to work remotely; we work smart instead of 9 to 5

• We scored 10/12 on the Joel Spolsky test🤘


• have at least four years of experience, 2-3 companies, 3-4 projects

• have worked in teams of 3+ people following code reviews practices

• have implemented complex features and can provide examples of this. It shouldn’t just be screen rendering an API response

• can look after yourself and work independently. If there is no API or the requirements are unclear, you can figure out the right person to ask

• most likely know how modern backends are built

• can answer the question in which direction you want to develop further (the answer can be anything, it just needs to be clear)

❗We’re not asking you to be a 100% empath or to love everybody. Just don’t be evil, rude, or selfish. And try to communicate with the team like a human being

It’s important to us that the team feels comfortable around you!

Hiring process:

✅ Intro call with a Recruiter -> ✅ Technical Interview -> ✅ Final Interview -> ✅ Offer

Who We Are:

Website: more about us and vacancies

Instagram: follow Refacians

YouTube: Reface Mobile

Don’t hesitate. Get in touch

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