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  • Remote
  • Продукт
  • Есть Equity
  • Startup
  • Вказана зарплата
  • E-commerce
  • iOS / MacOS
  • Swift

Про роботу

We expect:

— 2+ years experience as an iOS Developer

— Strong knowledge of Swift



— S.O.L.I.D.

— REST API, Alamofire

— CocoaPods

— Google SDK

— Human Interface Guidelines, AutoLayout, Storyboard, Xibs

— Figma, Zeplin

— Jira

— Core Graphics, Core Animation

— Core Data, Realm

We propose:

-Interesting projects from different countries that will give you the opportunity to develop yourself

-Full-time (40 hours working week with flexible schedule)

-Comfortable and cozy office in the city center (m. Lva Tolstogo)

— Must-haves: paid vacation (29 working days per year: 11 national holidays + 18 actual vacation)

-Work in a friendly team of creative people

— Lack of bureaucracy

— Corporate events

You will:

— Develop native mobile applications for iOS

— Create and maintaining architectural design and documentation

— Conduct audits, act as a technical consultant for the team

— Introduce and maintain quality standards for the mobile stack

— Start new projects according to the latest best practices

About us:

Empat is a Ukrainian startup studio with 7 years of experience working with clients and more than 200 completed projects.

We analyze our clients’ business needs and develop efficient, optimized, and UX-friendly solutions that generate profit.

Our approach is based not only on creating a product according to the technical specification. We build interaction and work with the client not only as with our customer but as with a member of our team and a partner. We work together to improve the product and understand our users’ wants and needs by showing empathy and creating customer-centric solutions.

One of our strengths is a great team. It is vital for us to interact with each other. Empathy is our core value, not only concerning our clients but also to our employees.

We are utterly free and flexible in our decisions. Every employee has the right to decide and influence, we have a horizontal structure, and everyone is equal. We know for sure that only happy employees are hiding behind well-realized projects.

We will be glad to see you at the Empat team!

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Anastasiia Tymoshenko - HR manager - Kyiv - працівник, з 2021


Anastasiia Tymoshenko - HR manager - Kyiv - працівник, з 2021

Тот случай, когда приходишь и уходишь с работы с улыбкой и кайфуешь от коллектива, проектов и общей атмосферы :) Читати далі...
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