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  • iOS / MacOS

Про роботу

About the vacancy

The client is a quickly evolving technical company that develops communication tools for teams. Our role in the project is to extend the customer’s development team and address complex technical challenges in handling big amounts of media and streaming information.

We hire people not to a project, but to the company. If the project (or your work in it) is over, you go to another project or to a paid “Idle”.

Must have

  • Experience developing iOS apps, and deploying apps in the App Store
  • Solid knowledge of Swift, including networking, threading, protocol-oriented programming, generics, type inference, closures, and higher-order functions, safe optional unwrapping, and enum as a first-class type
  • Experience with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch
  • Knowledge of C/C++
  • Solid understanding of the MVVM architecture
  • Able to use storyboards and auto-layout, with an interest in SwiftUI
  • Experience with unit testing using XCTest, including mocking and spying in Swift
  • Knowledge and experience with SQLite, Core Data and YapDatabase
  • Understanding of VIPER / MVC / Ribs architectural principles and their usage
  • Knowledge of SwiftUI

Would be a plus

  • Experience with WebRTC
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