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О работе


As an experienced Game Economy Designer, you will strategically design, build, and maintain a thriving free-to-play game economy. The role requires using the methodologies of economics, sociology, and business intelligence. You will integrate our games economy systems with systems for player collections, gameplay balance, game progression, rewards structures, etc.


  • Design, optimize, and implement key features that further the product's overall strategic vision to improve customer retention, acquisition, and monetization
  • Design and audit the in-game economy to drive long-term retention and conversion
  • Analyse the evolution of the metrics you defined to balance the in-game economy
  • Design live events to increase player engagement and drive conversion


  • Graduate degree in Economics or BA
  • 3+ years experience as Game Economy Designer or Game Balancer
  • Strong econometrics skills and statistic knowledge
  • Strong sensitivity to gameplay and game design
  • Detailed understanding of free-to-play player behavior
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good knowledge of Excel
  • Strong analytical thinking, problem-solving skills
  • Passion for games

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  • Competitive salary and performance-based reviews
  • Guaranteed paid vacations, main national holidays, and sick leaves
  • Employment benefits, such as partial compensation of sports and English lessons; medical insurance; bonuses on the occasion of marriage; "baby bonuses", and protection of workers with family responsibilities
  • Comfortable centrally located offices with snacks, a well-equipped gym, and weekly fun activities
  • Opportunity for professional growth: attending training programs, certifications, and conferences
  • Corporate celebrations and team buildings

Murka is a socially responsible company, so we actively take part in charity events and promote an ecological style of living (sorting of plastic, "sharing goods", etc.). 

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Аноним - PM - Днепр - работал c 1900 по 2016


Аноним - PM - Днепр - работал c 1900 по 2016

Все что выглядело для меня плохо во время работы я оценил спустя несколько лет после ухода и смены 3-4 компаний в индустрии. В Мурке если ты менеджер, твою работу не делят как в других больших игровых компаниях на 10 людей по кусочку. С одной стороны работа съедает очень много времени, так что оно мало на что остается. С другой стороны ты прокачиваешься и как продукт и как проджект, и в аналитике и в маркетинге. Сейчас после смены нескольких компаний и роста до синьера я зарабатываю в 2 раза больше, чем имел в Мурке за в 4 раза более простую работу. На пенсии это наверно хорошо. А если думать про рост то наверно плохо. Читать дальше...
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