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О работе

On behalf of TankU SD Solutions is looking for Fullstack (React/ Python) Developer. We are looking for a developer with good background and experience in modern JavaScript and front -end web development, Python and/or GoLang, with emphasis on web frameworks (ReactJS and React Native are a big advantage), and with knowledge of and familiarity with cloud environments and DevOps tools.

In this role, you will plan, develop and test our servers and front-end components, take a key role in creating complex and interesting systems, and take a role in the design and architecture of various features of the product.


2+ years of JavaScript, front-end

2+ Python/GoLang programming experience.

Good familiarity with the ReactJS ecosystem - required, but exceptions can be made in case of very experienced developers.

Would be a plus:

Familiarity with the Elixir/Erlang ecosystem - advantage.

Good familiarity with cloud environment and devops tools on users level - advantage.

Experience in writing high-level and low-level specs - advantage.

About Project: 

TankU is a fast-growing startup, which develops unique sensor fusion technologies to enable a seamless and secure user experience. Our solutions utilize cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to achieve unrivaled accuracy and robustness. Our first commercial product - automation of the fueling and payment process.

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Kateryna Dovzhenko - Recruitment manager - Kyiv - сотрудник, c 2018


Kateryna Dovzhenko - Recruitment manager - Kyiv - сотрудник, c 2018

Уже пошел 4 год, как я работаю в данной компании. Приятно наблюдать за ростом и расширением компании и принимать в этом активное участие. Читать дальше...
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