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FuelFinance is looking for a Financial Analyst (Expert in Financial Modelling) to join our team.

Fuelfinance replaces the current workflow with excel spreadsheets and financial managers with our real time cloud based, Google Sheets powered solution, under the supervision of our trained consultants. Check the website to see our MVP! We are a young, ambitious and empowered team which will change the whole world of finance. Would you like to be part of something that powerful? 

After almost 3 years our team has grown to 30 colleagues and managed to whip things into shape for more than 150 projects. Among our clients are SAGA,Underwood, MacPaw, Zhilyova, Petcube, Ksenia Schnaider and many other great companies.

Our disrupting mission - We make you fall in love with finance!

More info: https://www.instagram.com/fuelfinance/  https://fuelfinance.me/ua/


- Bachelor degree in Finance (Economics, Economic Cybernetics, Statistics, Business economics, Accounting, Banking) or Applied Mathematics

- Proficient user of Google Sheets (Excel) (formulas with which we work: IF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, FILTER, INDEX+MATCH, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, TODAY, CONCATENATE, NPV, MONTH, YEAR);

- 2+ year of experience in financial modelling (top KPIs with which we work: Break-even point, Payback period, Discount rate, DCF, Multiples, Unit Economics, Cohort analysis )

- Strong analytical and logical thinking skills

- Experience of working in BIG4 will be a plus (valuation and consulting)

- General understanding of various business processes (Retail, real estate, HoReCa, technological and hardware startups) and how to describe them using financial tools  

- Upper-intermediate level of English (first interview in English)

- Knowledge of IFRS/GAAP

We are pleased to tell you about our corporate culture :

  • Our values: be responsible team member and client`s partner, learning and discovering, do it with passion or do not do it at all, mistakes are lessons; 
  • Book Club twice per month (We read and discuss books like “High output management” Andrew Grove, “Do It Tomorrow” Mark Foster, etc)
  • TedX every Friday (We have already watched and spoke about more than 50 videos);
  • One to One system. Every person after their trial period gets a buddy for OneToOne meetings (they are established in order to set goals both personal and professional);
  • We often hold parties like FuckUps night, Paintball, Birthdays, Board Games 
  • We travel to various cities. Our fuelfinance team went to SPA in Rivne, spent a weekend in Vienna, enjoyed a few days in historical destination - Chernihiv, conquered mountain Pip Ivan (2022 meters for 9 hours), tried out rafting in the Cheremosh River;
  • Constant professional development. We grow together: each person has a superpower that he/she shares with the whole team through internal lectures and workshops (for example, our latest workshops were on programming for financial analysis, chatbots and 1C)
  • We also have external learning possibilities: once in several months we have short courses exclusively for the team from guest experts (1c courses, Andriy Drobot courses in financial analysis, etc) 
  • Our office is located in the Ploshcha Lʹva Tolstoho subway; 
  • Remote work is possible

  • Key Responsibilities:

- Compile financial models using all analyzed data and manager tasks;

- Work under direct supervision of financial manager to collect tasks and present results

- Analyze financial information to forecast economic conditions, for further use in investment decisions, calculation of future income and expenses;

- Work with large data sets, constant check of those data sets;

- Conduct financial research of the market of relevant goods or services (depending on the specifics of the client company;

- Collect and analyze information necessary for further preparation of financial statements for client companies and calculation of financial performance of their activities;

- Participate in forecasting and monitoring the budget of companies;

- Track current trends and developments in various segments of the economy, finance, securities market;

If you find a match in your desires and goals with ours, send a CV and a motivation letter!

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