Zazmic 4.7 — 1-3 года опыта EN Upper-Intermediate Remote
  • Remote
  • Продукт
  • HealthTech
  • DevOps / UnixAdmin

О работе

Необходимые навыки

• Strong familiarity with Linux Administration (System/Network/Security);

• Experienced with cloud based computing platform (Amazon, Google Cloud);

• Strong grasp of tools for configuration management like Puppet, Chef, Ansible;

• Comfort with open platform for distributed applications (e.g. Docker);

• Good experience with applications administration (Solr, Mongo, Elsasticsearch etc.), Apache/mod_php, Nginx/PHP-FPM, MySQL, Memcached, Redis;

• Network knowledge and skills: understanding of tcp/ip stack and routing, some experience with load balancing and firewalls;

• Familiar with scripting languages (ruby, bash, python);

• Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools;

• Experience in scaling, performance optimization and troubleshooting.

Будет плюсом

• Experience in DSP/DMP systems configuration.


• Flexible working hours, remote work opportunity;

• Challenging project in a world known company (IDgtal);

• Close cooperation with development team and client;

• Professional growth.


• Day-to-day operations of the cloud environment;

• Monitoring, maintenance and accidents resolution in the production environment;

• Troubleshooting and scaling of standard services;

• Performing scheduled maintenance tasks;

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams.

О проекте

iDgital is Cloud Based SaaS application (.Healthcare) that manages orders for Radiologist and can resolve clients’ issues. Clients are hospitals and groups of hospitals that are situated in the USA.

The Digital Assistant performs a variety of specific tasks on behalf of the physician, making it acceptable for the physician to focus solely on the current conditions of their patient. Along with the Digital Assistant ML platform offering end-to-end image and data processing, the radiologist gains quick access to more complete and accurate origin of information.

IDgital offers an end to end Radiology Solution that brings the power of modern computing technology to the field of Radiology in a meaningful way, while remembering that our goal is to always assist the radiologist, never to replace them.

Google Cloud Next ’19 | April 9-11 | San Francisco (presentation) —

Отзывы о работе в Zazmic 4

Лучшая компания!

Viktoria Dembrivskaya - HR - Днепр - сотрудник, c 2019


Viktoria Dembrivskaya - HR - Днепр - сотрудник, c 2019

Это первая компания в моей карьере, но я безумно этому рада! Очень нравиться коллектив и атмосфера в компании. Читать дальше...
Great company. Working worlwide. Google partner

Алексей Гулай - PM - Dnipro - сотрудник, c 2018


Алексей Гулай - PM - Dnipro - сотрудник, c 2018

You can reach your career goals with Zazmic. The company promotes Google knowledge and certification Читать дальше...

Lilya Л - HR - Днепр - сотрудник, c 2018


Lilya Л - HR - Днепр - сотрудник, c 2018

Работаю в компании белее двух лет. Все отлично, за два года ни одной претензии. Хорошее внутренние обучение, интересные корпоративы и тимбилдинги. Читать дальше...
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