Apollo IT Recruiting Agency 0 — 5-10 лет опыта EN Upper-Intermediate Remote $4 000 - $5 000
  • Remote
  • Указана зарплата
  • E-commerce
  • C / C++
  • Git
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Jenkins
  • C++

О работе

C++ Senior / Middle Software Developer

(Data Analysing, Big Data & Search Engines)

Do you have an analytic mind, and love developing challenging state-of-the-art software systems handling massive amounts of data?

At Shopit we are developing a fully automated large-scale high-accuracy multi-lingual ‘Product Data Aggregator’ and online consumer ‘Shopping Search Engine’ for all of Europe. We are making all products, brands and retailers searchable in one shopping search engine. To achieve this we are using machine-learning, AI, big data, data analysing, parallel processing, and search engine logic together with modern web design and user experience for both web and mobile devices. In short our goal is to create the world’s largest full data Product Database.

Since we are constantly pushing the boundaries in software and systems development to create new and exciting functionality, we invite the sharpest minds that love challenges to be part of our mission.

Responsibilities of the position

  • - you will be responsible for developing and maintaining high-capacity object-oriented C++ systems
  • for analysis, detection, and categorization of product data from multiple countries and languages.
  • - you need to be able to quickly understand real-world e-commerce product property structures /
  • patterns and understand how to translate this into general algorithms.

Required experience

You should have 5+ years of documented knowledge of following technical skills:

  • - Linux environment programming in C++ (version 11 or later)
  • - Analysing and handling Big Data systems
  • - Object Oriented software design
  • - Multi-threading / parallel-processing systems
  • - POSIX standard, Libraries (STL)
  • - Low-level debugging and optimization (like GDB, PTrace, Valgrind etc)
  • - Databases (MySQL)
  • - Networking (sockets, epool etc)
  • - GNU build tool-chain (like GCC, GDB, Make, LLVM, CMake)

Technology Stack

  • - GIT, CI (Jenkins)
  • - Linux (Ubuntu)
  • - Networking


It is of course an advantage if you have special interest/knowledge/experience within:

  • - E-commerce and Product Data
  • - Distributed / Parallel processing
  • - AI / Machine learning
  • - Linguistics / Natural language processing
  • - Search Engine logic

You need to have good English in speech and writing to cooperate daily with the rest of the team in Sweden.

The position is full-time at our completely new modern office in central Kiev near Metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Zolotye Vorota, together with perhaps some short trips to our main office in Växjö, Sweden. (Also full-time work permit and re-location to Sweden could be possible in the future).


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