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    О работе

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    SoftServe isn’t just about technology — it’s about open-minded people who love technology and have everything they need to pursue their passion to create innovation. Our client is a German Digital Healthcare tech and data-driven company with the aim to provide user-friendly healthcare applications. Our mission is to avoid anybody’s suffering or in the worst case death because some ’important’ medical information is missing somewhere, sometimes. Therefore our application is designed to provide timely and comprehensive medical and administrative data that builds bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, and hospitals and helps them to choose optimal treatment for patients. We develop a module of this complex hospital information system aimed at guiding the user through the operation process — from the configuration to the OP (Operation) request, the OP scheduling, and the OP documentation to the OP reports: the application supports the OP coordinator in planning, organizing, controlling and controlling the entire OP process monitoring.


    A Business Analyst with over 2-year experience in IT showing a deep understanding of

    • Enterprise Client’s business operations
    • Non-functional requirements and their drivers
    • Enterprise digital transformation concepts
    • Relational database systems, their design and ways of working
    • Management principles and enterprise solution management specifics
    • Business architecture frameworks, ability to speak with architects/programmers in one language
    • Solution idealization and design phases activities
    • And ability to conduct issue root cause analysis from high-level management reporting to a raw data
    • Strong leadership/people management skills, ability to lead a development team to a result without any formal power
    • Showing Upper-Intermediate English level


    • Capturing the vision of the business area and the client’s specifics. Defining the client’s business needs, goals & objectives, specifying and introducing them to the engagement and development teams
    • Analyzing ’as-is’ state for the enterprise in the context of the needs, defining ’to be’ state, identifying and assessing gaps, defining and designing solutions
    • Developing a business case to assess the feasibility of possible solutions or investments
    • Standardization the elicitation of business and solution requirements, utilizing best practices for effective facilitation, requirements’ specification, designing, prototyping, and modeling to ensure the solution meets the business needs
    • Establishing and following requirements’ lifecycle process
    • Conducting stakeholder analysis, planning communication strategy by taking into consideration its results and solution specifics
    • Prioritizing and road-mapping solution requirements
    • Managing solution scope
    • Establishing the change management process where applicable


    • Be part of the team that is responsible for cooperation with the Client to define the needs, inception, and new enterprise digital solutions
    • Live in dynamic enterprise solution lifecycle and keep all in one head: strategic, business, and technical focuses, software solution development excellence, customer experience, and feedback
    • Facilitate discussions, ensure effective communication, and develop relationships with all solution and project stakeholders.

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