Ciklum 4 Киев, Remote $4 000 - $6 000
  • Указана зарплата
  • DevOps / UnixAdmin
  • Docker
  • Jenkins

О работе

Our client is Digital Intelligence Platform: mobile forensics, mobile data extraction, mobile hacking, digital forensics, digital intelligence, cloud forensics.

What will your job look like?

• You will drive the automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems, striving to improve and shorten processes to enable engineering and operations teams work smarter and faster with a high quality.

• You will design, develop and modify automation processes for deploying large scale, enterprise grade applications.

• You will be an expert for the core services of the R&D, source controllers, repository managers, monitoring…

• You will be handling CI/CD processes on Premise and on the Cloud, on Windows and Linux servers.

• You will be analyzing current technology utilized within the company and develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them.

All you need is..


• 4+ years of experience as DevOps Engineer.

• Ability to handle DevOps design and hands-on tasks.

• Experience in building large CI/CD processes (experience with Git & Jenkins declarative pipelines).

• Experience in build management tools and technologies – Jenkins, Dockers, Artifactory, NPM, Ansible.

• 1+ year of experience with Docker, K8S and microservices.

• Configuration Management experience with Ansible or similar (Chef, Puppet, Salt).

• Expertise with AWS (e.g. IAM, EC2, VPC, EKS, ELB, Route 53, Autoscaling, Lambda).

• Understanding of DNS, TCPDUMP, SSL, Firewalls and networking concepts (VPC, subnetting, VPNs, etc).

• Team work!

• Enthusiasm, experience new technologies.

• Self-learning capabilities.

• Experience to work in Agile/Scrum team.

• Good communication skills.

• Can do attitude!


• Software development experience (preferred).

• Azure devops server git TFS.

• Nomad,docker compose.

• Experience with infrastructure-as-code (e.g. Terraform, Cloudformation).

• Experience with delivery of a SaaS product.

• Familiar with software security best practices.

Why you will love this job:

• Driving automation helping teams to work smarter and faster

• You will be a key member of a dynamic and highly collaborative team with various possibilities for personal and professional growth.

• Be part of a great and professional team that builds Cellebrite intelligence digital forensics products.

• You will take an active part in a key transformation in how we operate and develop our software.

Про компанію Ciklum International

Ciklum is a top-five global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world.

Our 3,000+ Developers located in the Delivery Centres across the globe, provide our clients with a range of services including outsourcing software development, Enterprise App Development, Quality Assurance, Security, R&D, Big Data & Analytics.

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Аноним - PM - Киев - работал c 2017 по 2017


Аноним - PM - Киев - работал c 2017 по 2017

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