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О работе

GT was founded in 2017 by a former executive from Apple, Nest, and Google. GT’s mission is to build teams and products that address some of the more challenging requirements from fast-growth clients in Europe and North America.

On behalf of SiegelTech, GT is looking for a DevOps Engineer to join their newly created team in Kyiv. During the pandemic situation, you can work remotely, after — a mix of remote and office in Unit.City, Kyiv.

The SaaS platform is being built on a Microsoft tech stack and we are seeking a DevOps Engineer who is skilled in Azure services and has solid deployment experience. This includes working with the leadership team, vendors, and clients, so exceptional communication skills will be beneficial.

You will be fully supported and guided with the CTO’s help, though can implement your expertise and ideas.

What is SiegelTech?

SiegelTech was formed in July 2020 with the goal of developing a secure and trusted online marketing platform that aims to transform how our clients operate and grow their business. The platform will solve a broad set of pain points many online direct response and eCommerce business face, so having existing knowledge of these industries is a plus (e.g. CMS, split-testing, affiliate management, subscriptions and more).

Although newly formed, SiegelTech consists of experienced professionals who are led by a strong CEO with a vision and plan to build the company. The design of the new platform is based on 10+ successful years of the CEO’s previous proprietary online sales and marketing platform. This is an opportunity for the right person to immediately apply their knowledge and skills and put themselves in a strong position for career growth.

Be a part of building something that will disrupt the growing e-commerce landscape! You’ll be able to tell your family and friends: “I am building an e-commerce platform that will...

— help people attain explosive growth and drive revenue by finding optimal sales paths;

— improve management of website content through a powerful CMS;

— help our Client CEOs make decisions based on advanced data analytics and reporting dashboards.”

All these benefits, plus simultaneously improving your personal skill set and brand within the technology development space.

We are looking for a person who can:

— Build scripts for the infrastructure.

— Own the DevOps build, deploy, and CI operations.

— Be responsible for the service deployments of both code and the automatic configuration of services environments in both production and development scenarios.

— Write scripts and code to automate the deployment of code and APIs along with the creation and maintenance of Azure services.

Must have skills:

— Solid understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practices.

— Experience provisioning services in Azure using Azure CLI, Azure Resource Manager, or Azure PowerShell.

— Experience with Azure DevOps Pipelines or comparable platforms (e.g. GitHub).

— Experience with Azure Active Directory Domain authentication services.

— Experience in configuring a Microsoft Azure Environment across a wide variety of services, such as Azure App Services and Azure SQL Server.

— Experience securing an Azure environment.

— General experience with certificates and DNS.

— Ability to create a dashboard to present meaningful data to executive-level employees.

— Willing to be on-call for emergency occurrences (very rare).

Desirable skills:

— Demonstrated ability to write PowerShell scripts and modules for deployments and developer tools.

— Experience with Docker would be beneficial.

— Experience with other Azure services, like Azure Function Apps, Azure Storage, Azure Media Services, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, etc.

What we offer:

— An opportunity to co-create valuable innovative solutions for millions of users globally.

— Flexible schedule, a mix of remote and office work.

— Cutting edge office in the center of Ukraine’s first innovation park — Unit.City.

— Medical insurance.

— Monthly commute allowance or free parking space.

— Best-in-class IT equipment mirroring our client set-up.

— Monthly education allowance for courses, training, books, events.

— Gym membership, after-work activities.

— Daily lunches in the office.

How will you work?

You will work directly with a client through our Extended Team model. We try to do things differently and put our efforts to integrate you as deeply as possible into the client's team. You work with the same tools and technologies as they do and communicate directly with a client without any intermediary in between. We help you build relationships and create an environment where you genuinely feel like a member of the core product team. Our clients usually (before the pandemic) came for a week each month and spend a lot of time with the team in Kyiv. We also encourage trips to a client and joint teambuilding and after-work activities. Our Extended Team model is focused on long-term projects that last over several years.

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