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Про роботу

We’re a friendly team of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, who love being at the front edge of something new, so DeFi is the place to be for us. And now we are looking for a Back-End (Node.JS) Developer, who is ready for new interesting challenges.

Requirements for a candidate:

﹣ Experience in Typescript;

﹣ Experience in Node.JS;

﹣ Experience in Express;

﹣ Experience in GraphQL / JSON-RPC;

﹣ Experience in PostgreSQL;

﹣ Experience in Redis;

﹣ Experience in RocksDB / LevelDB;

﹣ Experience in ORM (Sequelize, Prisma, etc.);

﹣ Experience in RxJ;

﹣ Ability to use GIT;

﹣ Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures;

﹣ Interest in Blockchain.


﹣ Write blockchain indexing software;

﹣ APIs development both in GraphQL and REST;

﹣ Code optimization towards maximum RPS;

﹣ Contribution to Open Source projects of the company.

We are offering:

﹣ Opportunity to grow in technology and business;

﹣ Competitive salary;

﹣ An exciting product, and direct communications;

﹣ Flexible working schedule: 6-8 hours per day (Monday - Friday) also you can work remotely few days or more if needed, just make sure you’re always reachable in case of urgency, and attend the meetings;

﹣ Comfortable double-level Loft office space (walking distance to Polytechnical Institute subway station);

﹣ Positive corporate environment, based on principles of respect, support and mentorship;

﹣ An option to visit blockchain meetups and lectures;

﹣ Kick off parties.

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